Asian Clams in Emerald Bay

Low densities of non-native Asian clams were discovered on the sandy sill entrance of Emerald Bay in 2010. Asian clams compete with native species for resources and can have a negative impact on water quality. In fall of 2012, 5 acres of rubber bottom barriers were placed over the clam beds to reduce/exterminate the clams and prevent them from moving further into the bay. UC Davis and University of Nevada, Reno researchers have been monitoring the effectiveness of the barriers bi-monthly for calm mortality, changes in dissolved oxygen concentrations under the barriers and impacts on native aquatic invertebrates. The barriers are scheduled to be removed in fall of 2014.

Collaborators: University of Nevada, Reno, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, California State Parks, Tahoe Resource Conservation District, Lahontan Water Quality Control Board


    • Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA)
    • Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board