Metaphyton algae accumulating along the shore near Reagan Beach, Summer 2014

Seeking Historical Photos of Lake Tahoe's Shoreline

Anecdotal data suggests that there used to be extremely low attached algae levels on Lake Tahoe's shoreline. There was also likely more rooted plants, such as tulles and lilies. Anecdotal data can quantified, especially if they are accompanied by photographic data. If you have photographs or films that show the lake's shoreline with or without algae before the 1990's, we would be interested in seeing them and using them as part of our database. Or, if you wish to contribute to the current database, you can take pictures of the present-day shoreline algae and submit to TERC using the free Citizen Science Tahoe app (available at

To better understand what the biology was like around the lake in the past, it would be extremely valuable to see photos and films of the shoreline and piers accompanied by personal accounts of what was remembered. Please include information such as what part of the lake was visited, what year, what time of year to get a better picture of levels of the biology along the shoreline in the past. If you are interested in your photo possibly being used in future publications, please give us your approval for this along with the wording on the photo credit (e.g. photo courtesy of A. Smith).


Periphyton, heavy attached algae growth, Spring 2015

Thank you for considering contributing.


NOTE: Historical photo(s) submitted to the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) will be reviewed for use in the Historical Shoreline Algae Study.  If a photo is accepted into the research study for we will notify you for your permission to allow us to reproduce the photo and to possibly use it in research and scientific reports.  You or the person who took the photo will be acknowledged in the photo credit but you will not be paid for publication of the image or its use in research and scientific reports.