Tahoe Environmental Research Center

  • TERC is studying two lakes, Cherry Lake and Lake Eleanor, within the heart of the burn area and several lakes to the north that were impacted by smoke during the fire event.

    TERC's Rim Fire study at Yosemite National Park examines Cherry Lake within the heard of the burn area

  • TERC docent teaches young inquiring minds about the water cycle and how that relates to a drought affected ecosystem.

  • Surface Currents Study

    TERC Director Geoff Schladow launches a drogue to track surface currents in the lake

  • Young visitors were treated to scientists photo ops at the 2014 Children's Environmental Science day

  • TERC researchers Shohei Watanabe and Katie Webb prep a Van Dorn Sampler in order to collect water samples at specific depths

  • Discover how the subtle phases of native plants are an indication of climate change at the Tahoe City Demonstration Garden

  • Kokanee salmon as viewed underwater using the new GoPro 3D camera set-up

  • TERC AmeriCorps member Diana teaches 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about evolution at the 2015 Health Fair and Life Sciences Expo

  • TERC Education Team hosts "An Inconvenient Booth" about climate change impacts at Lake Tahoe at the Tahoe Summit on August 19, 2013

  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services partners with TERC for Children's Environmental Science day, bringing their gigantic inflatable trout for kids to walk through

  • Researcher and Boat Captain Brant Allen conducts Secchi Disk measurement of Lake Tahoe clarity aboard the Research Vessel

  • High school students in the Youth Science Institute learn how to analyze water samples for nutrients

  • 2014 Science Expo participants learn how the tilt of the Earth's axis causes the Earth to have seasonal changes

  • Young visitors in the Tahoe Science Center's 3D theater dive into Lake Tahoe without getting wet

  • Young, curious minds had the opportunity to handle a human brain at the 2015 Life Sciences Expo and Health Fair

  • TERC director Geoff Schladow addresses politicians and the public at the 2014 Tahoe Summit

  • Kids learn about recycling in the form of a recycling relay race at the 2015 Children's Environmental Science Day

  • Young visitors marvel at how different the density of water can be at varying temperatures

  • Students on a field trip to the Tahoe Science Center learn about different lakes in the world

  • Martin Fry climbs high to collect forestry data that will give insight to drought adaptations in Tahoe trees

  • Launching these drifters afloat gives scientists insight into Lake Tahoe's system of rotating currents

  • By analyzing the amount of nutrients in water from many depths, we are able to measure natural and human induced changes in the lake

  • Lulu the lahontan cutthroat trout was out and about, greeting kids of all ages at TERC's Children Environmental Science Day

  • Research buoy used to calibrate temperature measurements on NASA satellites and serve as a valuable resource for scientists studying the lake

  • TERC's Education and Outreach team at UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science (Kristen Reichardt, Kylee Wilkins, Alison Toy, and Kelsey Poole)

  • Dr. Charles Goldman presents former Vice President Al Gore a copy of his newest book "Climatic Change and Global Warming of Inland Waters: Impacts and Mitigation for Ecosystems and Societies"

  • Commons Beach in Tahoe City made for a beautiful location for the 2015 Children's Environmental Science Day

  • UC Davis Graduate Student Derek Roberts tests nearshore water monitoring equipment to ensure data properly transmit back to his computer

  • TERC research diver takes a closer look at the invasive curly leaf pondweed growing in the Tahoe Keys

Science to Save the Lake

The Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) leads research on the water quality, physical processes and ecology of Lake Tahoe and its watershed. Based on over half a century of lake monitoring and research combined with a network of real-time sensors, Lake Tahoe is offering new understanding of how our precious freshwater ecosystems are responding to change. Our education and outreach programs bring this research to the public through the Tahoe Science Center and special events. TERC’s findings and methods are used to support policy decisions at Lake Tahoe and to aid research efforts at other lakes around the world. TERC is internationally recognized for its multidisciplinary, collaborative research on lakes and their surrounding watersheds. Formed in 2004, TERC continues and expands on the work previously conducted by the Tahoe Research Group (TRG).