The Tahoe Environmental Research Center’s (TERC’s) advancements and achievements are possible because a community of philanthropically-minded individuals is committed to making a difference in the future of Lake Tahoe. Their vision and generosity are supporting a world-class center for research and education. Private support is essential to continuing TERC’s groundbreaking work to restore and sustain Lake Tahoe for future generations.

We invite you to help Lake Tahoe thrive by making a charitable contribution to TERC.  Help fund innovative research solutions to challenges facing the lake; educate the next generation of environmental scientists and leaders; and provide vibrant public outreach programs for thousands of students and visitors each year.  See below for TERC’s priority projects.

Every gift makes a difference and there are many ways to give. 

Science Sustainer

Gifts at every level support research, students, and outreach, and give the flexibility to address emerging needs and opportunities.

There are two easy options for Science Sustainer giving:

1. Make a secure online gift by clicking the blue box below.

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2. Write a check made out to “UC Regents.” Please include “TERC” in the memo line and be assured that you gift will benefit the Tahoe Environmental Research Center . Mail to:

UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center
Watershed Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8527

Director's Circle

Join the leadership donors who support TERC's highest priority projects highlighted below.

Nearshore Monitoring Network

Nearshore network

Graduate Student and Post-Doc Fellowships

Graduate Student Fellowships

Public Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

The Charles Goldman Endowed Fund

TERC Research

Nearshore Monitoring Network

Lake Tahoe’s shore is the part of the lake we all know best, but also the part most at risk and least understood.  TERC is building the world’s most sophisticated network of data collection stations on select piers around the lake, called the Nearshore Monitoring Network.  The real-time data collected with enable TERC to develop new science-based solutions benefiting residents and visitors alike.

Ensure everyone can continue to enjoy Lake Tahoe's sparkling shores by supporting the Nearshore Monitoring Network: $12,500 annually for four years will underwrite one monitoring station in the network.

Graduate Student Fellowships

As part of a top 10 public research university, some of the brightest minds in freshwater science come to TERC to find solutions to the challenges facing the lake. TERC's graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are making a difference in the lake's long-term health. Many go on to become leaders in academia, industry and government around the world.

Provide access to a world-class education for the next generation of scientific leaders by supporting TERC students and post-doctoral scholars.: $10,000 annually for four years will help support one graduate student.

Education and Outreach

TERC brings science to life for more than 12,000 students, teachers, and visitors each year at two science and education centers. TERC offers public tours, interactive exhibits, a 3-D theater, community events, lively lectures and an array of hands-on activities and programs for K-12 students and educators.

Inspire a love of Lake Tahoe and environmental stewardship by supporting access to TERC's education and outreach programs: $5,000 annually for five years will help provide thousands with continued access to community events, monthly lectures, school field trips, and classroom programs.

The Charles Goldman Endowed Fund

TERC is at the forefront of restoring Lake Tahoe's clarity and its scientists are internationally recognized for their multi-disciplinary research on lakes and their watersheds. Ever since Professor Charles Goldman lowered a Secchi disk into Lake Tahoe more than five decades ago, UC Davis research has driven the scientific advances for the lake.

Be a part of preserving Lake Tahoe's iconic beauty for future generations by supporting TERC's scientific research: $25,000 annually for four years will build toward an endowment that will help long-term research projects and enable investment in emerging technologies and solutions.

Contact Jen Prahl at or (530) 754-0482 to support TERC's Director's Circle priority projects and to learn more about additional ways to give:

  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Real Property
  • Retirement plans (IRAs and 401Ks)
  • Estate bequests
  • Charitable remainer trusts
  • Charitable gift annuity
Thank you for considering a gift to TERC. All gifts are tax deductible. UC Davis is committed to providing excellent donor stewardship. To learn more about the university's gift policies, please visit